Used Equipment

Used Equipment — 3d non-contact blue light scanner — Hexagon (formerly CogniTens) Optigo 400m

69,000$ or Make An Offer — Shipping costs to be covered by buyer.


Hexagon Optigo400 3d non-contact blue light (white light) measurement equipment.  Manual model (Optigo400m) with workstation laptop.  Manufactured in 2013, this system was used as needed (~20-25% usage maximum).  It has had recent maintenance and is in good working order.
– Hexagon WLS400M scanner (RE capable)
– Beetex tripod stand with boom arm
– Dell Precision 6500 laptop (beneficial for offline project setup, data analysis, traveling, etc.)
– MFOV & LFOV lens kits
– Lens change tool kit
– calibration block
– photogrammetry kit: Canon 5D 35mm camera body with fixed focus lens, ring flash kit, coded targets, Invar scale bars, USB card reader, battery charger, and pelican case.
– various magnetic flat & spike retroreflective targets and adhesive target sheets
– soft side totes
– pelican cases for scan head & controller box and soft-sided totes from Hexagon for other major components
The system was often used outside of our shop — it fits into a Ford Escape (older model).  I *may* be able to put you in contact with some contacts who have custom crates which would fit the system for freight transport.
Potential to offer operator training for a negotiable price depending on my availability (I have trained many operators in a 1-week basic training course and a second follow-up week touching on advanced uses and reinforcing the basic training).
Shipping:  Will have to arrange for freight delivery or local pickup (currently in western Detroit suburbs).

Updated:  05Jun’17